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Class & Event Offerings

Special Offer-Reiki 1 & 2 for health care & Care Providers

If you work in any facet of health care, whether it be as a Nurse, LNA/CNA, Visiting Nurse, Hospice, etc.- This class is for you! Because the work that you do is so important for our communities, it is being offered at a special price! Reiki can assist your patients/clients in a very special way, helping them cope with health care issues, or those associated with death and dying.  The practice of self-Reiki is so beneficial and vital to your own health and well-being in dealing with the day to day trials of your vocation.

Aug. 21st-22 (Sat. & Sun.) 9am-5pm

Fee- $400 (This is a $175 savings off the usual Reiki 1 & 2 cost)

Other Classes

Basic Shamanism Class- (In Person) 

Fri., July 16th, 2021- 6pm-9pm (Class size limited to 5 students)


Advanced Shamanic Journeying Class-

(In Person) Fri., July 23rd, 2021- 6pm-9pm

(Class size limited to 5 students)


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