Tarot & Oracle Readings
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Are you wondering what the cosmic energy may hold for today, this week, this month, or this coming year may hold for you?

A Tarot, Oracle, or Pendulum reading may provide the answers you seek.

 The Oracles listed above are able to tap into your higher consciousness, and the energy of Spirit to help bring clarity, enlightenment, and often answers to everyday questions or concerns.

Reading sessions are available face to face at the Spiritual Center in Derby, VT or online, via Zoom.

Whichever is best for you, all readings are 60 minutes and will include a photo of your layout, the recording of the Zoom meeting (if virtual) for you to refer back to, and a brief written overview of your reading sent to you by email, or Facebook Messenger.

Cost- $75 for 60-90 minute reading, and follow up items, which include the recording of our Zoom meeting, a photo of your layout with details about each card and, a brief summary of our time together.