Spiritual Growth

Are you longing for a more vibrant, real, and tangible connection to the Divine?

Let me show you (apart from organized religion),

the truth about who, and what you REALLY are.

Learn to develop a spiritual life that has genuine meaning and substance to YOU. 

In the end, it really isn't about learning anything new...it's about unlearning all of the things you've been taught by others that have actually separated you from a deep connection with the Divine and your own Inner Being.

I can help you uncover the beliefs that no longer serve you, yet are keeping you from the real relationship that you long for.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and journaling will also be incorporated in your plan, with the goal of giving you the connection that you are seeking...with your own inner being, your higher consciousness, and the Universe.

Sessions can be conducted face to face or virtually via Zoom Meeting.


Fee-60 Minutes-$85