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Shamanism Classes
Are you longing for a deeper connection with your Power animals and compassionate helping spirits? Shamanism classes may be just the answer you have been seeking. In a 3 hour class, you will be given the opportunity to journey to the Lower World, The Middle World, or the Upper World to seek guidance and help from your compassionate helping spirits.
I currently offer -
*Level One experience (Lower World, to obtain your Power Animal.)
*Level 2- (to find your "human form" teacher and to learn to send distance Shamanic Healing using rattles, or drums.)

*Level 3 to learn to navigate the Middle World
Fee- $85 for 3 hour class (Class size is limited to 5 students-minimum-3 )

If there are currently no classes being offered, feel free to massage me, we may be able to set something up. Shamanism classes are conducted in person, at the Spiritual Center only.