Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing, and medicine on the planet. Every culture, without exception, has it's roots in Shamanism.

Interaction between the Spirit world, Power Animals, and Compassionate Helping Spirits are able to bring clarity, insight, and healing to our day to day problems and issues.

As a function in my role as a practicing Shaman, I am able to journey on your behalf to bring back answers and solutions to challenges you may be facing, with the help of my compassionate helping spirits.

I offer several services to aid you in your journey to healing, wholeness, and self-discovery using the following techniques-

Soul Retrieval- We all have suffered loss of "soul portions" throughout our lives as a result of trauma, disassociation, and physical injury. As a result, a portion of our soul energy may have become detached, and separated from our being. In soul retrieval, I am able to journey to those lost "portions", with the help and guidance of my compassionate helping spirits, and retrieve what was fragmented, and return it to you, integrating it into your being, and initiating wholeness.

Extraction Healing- The opposite of Soul Retrieval, in Extraction Healing, as a result of trauma or woundedness, we can pick up energy that it not ours, manifesting itself in ways that are not in alignment with who we truly are. Extraction healing can root out these energies that are not our own and remove them, bring peace, resolution and equanimity once again to the being that truly is us.

Power Animal Retrieval- We are all assigned Power Animals and compassionate helping spirits when we incarnate, and over time, due to trauma, life experiences, etc., we lose our connection with these powerful, protective beings. Power Animal retrieval finds , during a Shamanic journey, this lost Power Animal and returns it to you, once again , incorporating  it into your being, restoring balance and harmony, and providing you with an ally.

Shamanic Cleansing- It's life. It's messy, complicated and filled with energetic "stuff". Some times, we pick up energies not out own, and the feel very foreign and alien to us. They are the "icky" things that some how just don't belong. Shamanic Cleansing, can hep remove those energetic parasites and restore a feeling of power, and balance.

All Shamanic Services-