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What others are saying-

  • Last year I took part of Esme's Infinite Possibilities (E.S.M.E) seminar. I found it to be as enlightening and empowering as I hoped. I learned that thoughts become things. Especially when I wanted to bring good things into my life. Think it, be it, have it. There is no reason why I couldn't achieve my biggest dreams. And I must say, I feel that my biggest dreams are pretty reasonable. I also feel that I deserve for them to come true. I had written down 3 things for starters. One was to become a resident of Canada, one was to own a small house or cottage and one was to lose weight and be healthy. As of right now, my Canadian papers are being processed. 5 Months ago my husband and I bought a cottage. And I'm on my way to better health and weight-I've already dropped 17 lbs so far. My goal is to lose a total of 50 lbs. And the cool thing is that the cottage literally fell into our laps. It happened so fast that it made my head spin! It came to pass about 2 weeks after the seminar! All I can say is that was a real turning point in my life. I had 2 choices. I could sit on my duff and hope things happen or I could get off my duff and MAKE things happen. Infinite possibilities gave me the ability to MAKE my dreams come true!  ~ Alura L.  (2019)


  • I can not say all the amazing things Esme has shown me. I took her intensive work shop at the end of May 2018. I was one who used what was taught in the workshop. I read the book three times  (Infinite Possibilities) and completed the workbook a few times over as well. I am here to tell you today that thoughts do become things! I have such an abundant life! Esme talked to us just as if we were friends for years. She is real, honest and humble. I am truly blessed to call her a friend. Any opportunity to work with Esme on all levels is a blessing! Namaste

       Melissa T. (2018)​

  • What a great presentation on Sunday. (E.S.M.E. Workshop) I think everyone walked away with more hope and guidance and joy.  Susan M. (2018)

  • Esme emanates so much positivity in her work that you can’t help but raise your vibration. Anytime you can explore what makes you tick is a good thing especially if you are stuck at doing the same thing in a way that doesn’t bring you joy. I highly recommend Esme and Infinite Possibilities if you are interested in becoming more joyful! Rena E. (2019)

  • After spending several years with Healing from the Heart Holistic Center, and the healing nature of Esme in the areas of massage, Reiki, sound therapy,  drum circle, shamanic healing and journeying.…I felt it was a natural step towards continued awakening to use Esme as my Life Coach.  We are going on our third month of weekly consultations.  The handouts have been very focused and enlightening, showing me where I am, and allowing me a better knowing of where I am headed.  Esme has the perfect balance of facilitating, so that I  answer the questions and make the goal determinations.  Of course, after a life-time of awakening, Esme has great observations and I take them to heart if they resonate with me, and they usually do.  Many thanks Esme for guiding me to “Love My True Self.”  

       Shoshanna M. (2019)

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