You Are The Creator!

I speak with countless people a day, teaching about the magical Universe we live in, the Source that we are ever and always connected to, and the fact that we are not EVER the victims of a “series of unfortunate events”. Nope. Not for one minute. Never have been, never will be, unless that is what we choose!

Every situation, circumstance, event, problem, solution, person, place,or thing... were all handpicked by us. I fully understand, that can be a hard pill to swallow, given the life experiences some of us (including myself) have had. But I promise you, it is 100% true!

Each of us made the decision to leave our non-physical, eternal energy existence and inhabit the flesh we now live in, with a purpose and a plan in mind. I believe some of us have made this decision countless times throughout what we refer to as “history”. Regardless of how many times we have made that decision, our goal was always the same-to experience. To give experiential existence in a form that can see, taste, touch, smell, feel to that which is eternally existent, formless, and pure non-physical energy. Pure Love. Pure Light.

And for whatever reason(s) we may have chosen to come this time around, one thing is certain, we came from love, to share and experience love, and when our time is complete in this form to return to that which we truly are...LOVE.

Since, like the Source that we came from, we are at our core, creators, that is what we do. Every single moment of every single day, we are busy creating. We create with our thoughts, our words, our actions, (or the lack thereof), and most importantly our feelings and our intentions. Law of Attraction states simply-Like Attracts Like. Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. When I say everything, I leave nothing out; no-thing. There really is no such thing as an “inanimate object” since everything is energy and has a vibration. We struggle to accept that because some things, take for instance the chair that you are sitting in, vibrate so slowly that the movement is imperceptible to the human eye. Can you “see” electricity? No, but you know it exists. Ever “seen” a thought? Of course not. But would we deny their existence simply because we cannot “see” them? I can only imagine what someone might think were we to walk up to them and state “There is no such thing as thoughts. I cannot see them, therefore they do not exist!” I’d love to be the proverbial fly on the wall for that conversation!

Since everything is vibrational energy, and the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”, it is by no means a quantum leap that you can, and will, only attract into your life experience those people, things, and events that you are a vibrational match for! At a recent Abraham/Hicks workshop I attended, Abraham made the following statement- “Sometimes our friend Esther will look around and say ‘Oh my! I created that!!’ (insert excited, joyful voice), and at other times she will look around and say ‘Whoo boy! I created that!’ (insert upset expression and groan).

The power and the choice is always ours. We are, and have always been, and forever more will be, The Creators. Perhaps the time has come to think more deliberately about what it is we want to create. To begin to observe our feelings in any given situation, which are without a doubt, the best barometer of of where we are vibrationally. By Law, the Universe can only send to us that which we are a vibrational match for. The choice is always ours.

Today, I create intentionally by focusing my attention on that which I do want in my life experience. I give practically no headspace or heart space whatsoever to that which I do not want. Energy flows where attention goes! By feeling into and focusing my energy on that which I do want, I become a vibrational match for those things, and by virtue of the Law of Attraction, they are manifest in my life. If I get, for lack of a better word, “sloppy” with where I set my attention and send my energy, things, experiences, and people show up in my life that reflect my vibrational stance when the Universe was sending what I asked for. I fully understand what Abraham was talking about in the example used above!

By being intentional, I get more of what I want to see in my life and far less of that which I do not desire. I create my life by design, rather than live it by default. You can, too! You can begin today, in this very moment for that matter, by making a conscious decision to become a deliberate Creator rather than a passive receiver of things you never really wanted.

And just a word of caution, before you give free reign to you Inner Critic, and your Inner Judge, Jury and self-appointed Executioner, remember, you have NEVER made a mistake, nor will you ever. You were doing the best you could, with what you had, where you were, and at your current level of consciousness. As is everyone on the planet!!! What you may perceive as “mistakes” (no matter how horrible you may deem them to be), were in reality stepping stones and opportunities for growth, nothing more, nothing less. Can you find gratitude for all they taught you? Can you find grace for yourself, and love, both applied liberally? I pray you can.

Like I tell all of my life coaching clients, most of us spend a lot of time experiencing and experimenting with “who we are not” and “what we do not want”, before we begin to see who and what we truly are and desire to be. From that vantage point, we can begin to celebrate the contrast of all the things we encountered on the road to becoming the best and highest versions of ourselves, and perhaps cut ourselves some slack and apply self-love to all those wounded areas.

Until next time, you are Loved. You are Worthy. You are Deserving. You ARE the Creator.

What will you create today?

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