What are my qualifications?

Well now, that's a loaded question if ever I heard one. What qualifies me to try and help you achieve your goals in life and manifest your dreams? What qualifies me teach you about the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, personal transformation, finding the Light within, and living from that space. What qualifies me to teach you how to follow your heart, to step into your own power and become the Creator of the life you truly want? What qualifies me to show you how to live an empowered life and embrace the I AM that is you? What are my qualifications to speak to you here, or in the book soon to come about anything? Let's explore that together.

I am a mother of seven children, I am a grandmother to eight. I am a sexual abuse, multiple molestation, and multiple rape survivor. (Think thriver!) I am the product of a broken home, long before divorce was commonplace. I am a survivor of enormous physical, mental and emotional abuse at the hands of my mother, who suffered from mental illness her entire life, as well as many others.

I was a runaway at thirteen and finished raising myself on the streets of New York City and Brooklyn. I was several times married, twice widowed, and also a divorcee.

I am a once upon a time devout Catholic, even teaching Catechism in my 20's. I spent 27 years in Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian churches, teaching, leading youth girl's groups, serving, being on the worship team, counseling couples and youth, etc. I was the epitome of the "good, upstanding, church lady."

I homeschooled all of my children. Which means I homeschooled for 27 years! I founded and ran my region's first and only successful homeschooling group for seven years. I was a La Leche League Leader and the La Leche League District Advisor for Northern Vermont. I helped found, and served on the Breastfeeding Task Force in my community assisting breastfeeding mother and babies. I am a locally published poet. I started and managed several successful businesses, including two siding and replacement window business, a telemarketing agency, a hair and nail salon, and my current business Healing from the Heart Holistic Center, providing Reiki and Reiki training, Massage, Sound Therapy, and Shamanic Healing.

I have walls papered with my certifications, diplomas, and certificates. I am a retired nursing practitioner and lay midwife, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher two times over. I am a licensed Metaphysical Practitioner, and a Licensed Minister, as well.

I have certifications as a Yoga teacher, and Aromatherapist. I am certified as a Whole and Raw Foods Dietician. I was formerly a Fitness & Nutrition Counselor. I am a certified Life and Success Coach. I am a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and a few others that I cannot even remember at the moment. I am a shamanic practitioner with several "Shamanic Initiations" under my belt, and walking the path to become a Shaman. There are many certifications and qualifications that I do not have, and maybe never will. I am not sure what lies around the next bend.

Does any, of that, or all of that qualify me to do what I am doing, or walk the path that I am embarking on now? Maybe, maybe not. I feel what qualifies me more than anything else, is the experience I have accrued along the way. I am nearly at the milestone of my 63rd birthday and I have a lifetime of experiences, lessons, trials, and triumphs to share with you in this blog, on social media, and in the book that I am currently writing.

I discovered the perfect analogy....From whom would you rather learn and gain experience...someone who just gotten their license, or someone who has been driving for over half a century, unlicensed? I AM that rebel, unlicensed driver. I invite you along for what promises to be one the greatest experiences of my life. Uncensored, unapologetic, raw, real, and oftimes... epic.

I don't no longer know anymore how to be , anything other than I truly am. All of my experiences, choices, trials, and tribulations have led me to this place. This beautiful, glorious place of self discovery, healing, and deep desire to help others achieve wholeness and peace in their own lives. If you are guided to do so, please join me. I would truly be honored. I know transformation is possible. I have done it, and continue to do it daily. I can help you as well.

You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, (EsmeWest2) or Youtube and Facebook, just Esme West.

The journey will be real, candid, colorful, sometimes inappropriate, but always filled with love and a deep desire to assist YOU in transforming your life and creating the YOU that you came here to be! Thanks for reading.






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