COVID-19. Until last evening, I was pretty resolute that I was not going to engage in the fear, panic and near hysteria surrounding the purported "Global Pandemic". A trip to my local Walmart for a few groceries, and finding the toilet tissue and bottled water aisles completely barren, drove home the point that folks are really afraid. I asked myself, what should my response be to what others are experiencing on such a profound level?

At this point, it is difficult to discern what is true, what isn't, what has been sensationalized, or blown out of proportion, and what is actually factual information.

What matters most to me now as a coach, counselor, healer and Shamanic practitioner is that many people are genuinely afraid. So today, I am trying to define for myself, the best ways that healers, Shaman's, Light workers, and practitioners can be of service to our communities and the world.

As a teacher of the Law of Attraction, and as an avid follower for many years of the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn and Emmet Fox, one thing I am certain of is this- Fear is counterproductive. Based on the principle of "Like Attracts Like", allowing ourselves to be consumed with fear about this, or anything else only attracts more of the same energy our original fear was based on. When enough energy is generated around a thought or idea, it attracts similar thoughts and energy until eventually it is brought into reality in the material world. This Universal law works flawlessly whether a thing is wanted; or not. Neuroscience now knows that "thoughts that fire together wire together" It is our thoughts and the activity of our subconscious mind that creates the neural pathways that ultimately form the basis for our beliefs, habits, and life experience. The subconscious mind is a wonderous thing, working tirelessly 24/7 to move us through life automatically, with rarely the need for the conscious (thinking) mind to become involved at all. The unfortunate thing is, the subconscious mind is as dumb as a sack of rocks. It believes whatever we persistently tell it, factual or not. It does not know the difference.

As soon as you consciously think a thought, millions of neural pathways that were formed by the "thoughts that fire together wire together" principle spring into action, and based on the associative response from the subconscious mind, a decision is made for you about the topic based on data and memory that your subconscious has collected and the appropriate plan of action is laid out for you, while your conscious or thinking mind simply had a single thought. Unless concerted effort is made to retrain the subconscious mind, creating new neural pathways concerning any given topic, subbie calls the shots. Period.

If you have any doubt about how much we live our lives on auto pilot, governed by the hard wired synapses in the subconscious, consider this- driving your car. After having the thought, "I need to run to the store.", none of us goes through the process of consciously thinking; I need to have my car keys. I need to unlock my car door and open it. I need to sit in the driver's seat and put the keys in the ignition and turn the car's motor on and move the transmission from park to drive or reverse. Once the car is moving, I need to make a left (or right) turn to head in the direction of the store I want to go to. I could continue, but you get the idea. I am getting bored writing it, I can imagine what it's like to read it. The point is, we think about going to the store, we jump in the car and go, and return home again with nary a single conscious thought about the process. I once drove over 200 miles to get home from an event that I had attended. The last conscious thought I remember, was ensuring that I had gotten on the correct highway entrance ramp. When my conscious mind kicked in again, I was pulling into my driveway and had very little rememberance about the trip home. It's a good thing my "subbie" knows the way home, and apparently is a good driver.

I'm sure most of you have had somewhat similar experiences and can easily relate.


It is sometimes an enormous blessing, but in our current situation, can also be a tremendous curse.

Many of us have spent years conditioning the "subbie" based on factual information, and sometimes erroneous information, that global illnesses, viral outbreaks and such are to be feared and dreaded and an imminent threat to our personal health and wellbeing. Thoughts such as "I could be next", "I could die" I could lose family members and/or friends." "This could affect my livelihood" All of those, are conditioned responses. We have supplied the subconscious mind repeatedly over the years, with information that we considered true and factual, and we further associate feelings and emotions with that information thereby cementing the appropriate response(s) to similar stimulus in the future. The fear that many are experiencing right now, is actually a conditioned response. It is what we have repeatedly told the subconscious mind is the appropriate reaction to things such as COVID-19. Many are simply on autopilot.

However, because of the principle of neuroplasticity, we can begin to tell ourselves a new and different story, with different feeling and emotions attached to it. Thought is combination of ideation and feeling and we can attach any feeling to a thought that we desire. This short video below explains it simply and perfectly.

So, with regard to the current situation, what might that look like in creating new "thoughts firing together and wiring together" Keep in mind that science now knows that for a new pathway to be created, the new thought or action must be repeated 400 times or more before those new synapses are created. Lots and lots, and LOTS of positive self-talk.


Old Thought-"I might get this and be very sick!" .......................New Thought- "I am taking excellent care of myself and being mindful of the choices I make for my body.

Old Thought- "People have died from this, I might too!"..........New Thought- "At this point the mortality rate from this virus is very low and it is extremely likely that I am safe.

Old Thought-"I have no control over how this may affect me."...New Thought- "I can control my thoughts and actions and love myself enough to provide excellent self-care."

Old Thought-"What will happen if widespread panic ensues?"...New Thought- "By remaining calm and centered, I can be a loving, calming influence to others. I do not need to be a vibrational match for this virus."

Old Thought- "I am so afraid of what might happen!".............New Thought- "I can honor my feelings while also realizing I have the capability of creating my own reality. I remind myself frequently- I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!"

As soon as you realize your thoughts have spiraled down the fear based, proverbial rabbit hole, STOP! Take a deep breath. Supplant that that thought with a more positive and better feeling thought, and keep it going. We always, always have the ability to reach for a better feeling thought!


Speaking now from the place of a holistic and Shamanic practitioner, let common sense and awareness be your guide-

♥Get adequate sleep- 7-8 hours/ night

♥Stay well hydrated- The rule of thumb is 1 oz. of water for every 2 lbs. of body weight

♥Move your body- Yoga, stretching, moderate walking, chair exercises, etc.

♥If you live in an area where Nature is accessible, get some fresh air and sunshine daily.

♥Avoid sugar, it is an immunosuppressant.

♥Eat more superfoods- kale, broccoli, pomegranate, blueberries (do an online search for others, there are so many!)

♥Buy and eat organic whenever possible. Eat foods in as close to their natural state as possible. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. The heat of cooking destroys many vital nutrients.

♥Wash your hands often, especially during or after being in public. (Handwashing is preferable to hand sanitizer.)

♥If you have a cold or any type of respiratory symptoms, avoid all forms of dairy products. Dairy increases the production of mucous in the body, especially in the lungs.

♥Take full advantage of the many natural, and holistic remedies available to you, such as-

Vitamin C (in oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit is best), ginger, elderberry syrup, green teas, turmeric, ashwagandha, and so many more. Again, Google can be your best friend here! And I have read many articles criticizing those who practice natural and holistic healing, shouting loudly "Natural and home remedies will not cure Coronavirus!!"

Well, I'm pretty sure that's not what any of us who live a holistic lifestyle are saying. The point with a holistic approach is to build and maintain a strong, healthy immune system that would not easily succumb to the virus in the first place. Football legend Vince Lombardi once said "The best defense is a good offense." Apply that now to the building of a strong, healthy immune system.

♥Make pausing for a few moments throughout the day to take several deep, cleansing, relaxing breaths a priority.

♥If available to you, take advantage of complementary healing modalities known to enhance the body's immune responses such as Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture or Acupressure.

♥Smile...a lot! Smiling instantly raises your own vibration, as well as the vibration of anyone who sees it. Smiles are beautifully infectious!♥

♥And as important, if not more so, than any of the things mentioned above is the development and maintenance of a PMA-Positive Mental Attitude. Replace negative thoughts as soon as you realize they've arisen with positive, better feeling thoughts.

I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy!

We all have the power to take a step back from fear.

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