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Blessing/Cleansing of Home,
Land & Other Spaces

Sometimes, when moving to a new place, whether it be a home, office, or other space, the energy just feels "off". It's hard to know sometimes, who the previous inhabitants were, or what kinds of events may have taken place there.

Sometimes, you just want a fresh start now that this is your space. People, events, etc., can all leave an energetic "fingerprint" on a physical location that can be cleared to bring in fresh, light, beneficial energies to a location.

Perhaps you have been in the space for sometime, but now something feels different, or just not right. Or perhaps there's been an uptick in what  is often referred to as "paranormal activity".

Regardless of your situation, energetic cleansing/clearing, and the making of offerings can assist in clearing unwanted energy, bringing in fresh, calm, and uplifting energy.

Cost- $100 (Any space in the Northeast Kingdom of VT) Beyond the NEK, travels fees will be added.

Deposit can be paid online-Balance due date of service. (Cash only)

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